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I am so glad that you stopped by to read my post. My name is Aziz Issa, and this article 
is a review of Internet Profits.
I suggest you take a cup of coffee and sit comfortably because it is going to be of massives value.
I will walk you through the back office of internet profits to see what changed and what did not.
When you first log into the dashboard, the first element that strikes you is the welcome video made by Dean’s Holland.

What Is The Internet Profits?

internet profits

Internet Profits is a company created by Dean Holland 10 years ago.

It is now a leading provider of high-value training in affiliate marketing.

The aim of the company is to help you create a full-time income using the internet.

What Are The Products That This Program Highlights?

Internet Profits has both Digital and physical products.

Examples of physical products are free USB sticks containing affiliate marketing courses or books like the iceberg effect.

Digital courses like the internet Profits accelerator program.

What Is The Internet Profits Accelerator Program

Internet profits accelerator program is internet advanced affiliate marketing that takes from zero knowledge to expert in affiliate and digital marketing.

Examples of digital marketing are Facebook and native ads.

After being accepted into the family, you will undergo the basic certification before starting the actual program.

Internet Profits Certified Partners program

The InternetProfits Certified Partners program is for those looking to educate themselves on starting and growing a successful Digital Business. Once certified, you are then able to leverage InternetProfits products, offers, sales funnels, and marketing systems to grow your online business.

Click here to join Internet Profit today

The Program’s Membership Area

Inside the membership area, you will get everything you need. For example, training and resources that will help you build your online business.

internet profits

Spoiler alert, inside the program, you will get access to the quick start blueprint, and you need to master it to grow strong in your business.
Also,  Dean mentioned that the best way to succeed is to end all distractions by focussing on the fundamentals that will help you succeed online.
I totally remember, when I have started affiliate marketing, I have this huge desire to make it online,
That I was buying everything that I can see online related to make money online type of products.
In conclusion,
I have realized that I cannot keep up because there are so many things to learn.
In addition to this, I was not getting results because I was overwhelmed and confused.
Then I have decided to invest in the internet profits program that my friend recommend to me.
Let’s come back to business.

Underneath the welcome video, there is a heigh minutes video,  where you will see steps to follow to become a certified partner. Most importantly a  green button that says partners news and update.

Internet Profits News and Updates

The news and updates keep you in the loop of incoming new products available for certified partners. All live stream webinars will be in this section.

News and Update

You have also the option to join the private Facebook group of certified partners.

Inside the group, you will get help and watch all the live training and incoming update.

Then the next section will lead you to the process to be certified partners.

You will have access to 8 amazing lessons and quizzes at the end.


Spoiler alert, you need to complete this section to become a certified partner.

Every one of us went through this exercise; it is essential because it will show you what it takes to make it online.

Business is 90 % mental and 10% tactic. You need to develop a strong mindset especially at the beginning of the journey

Inside the Facebook group, members share their wins and struggles. People will get help, and it will show also what is possible if you stick to the program.

Let’s me give you an overview of what to expect  in the 8 modules:

Overview of The 8 Modules

This section gives you a little overview of what to expect in the 8 modules

Internet Profit Certification Modules

So, in module 1,  Dean will give you an overview of the internet profits accelerator, some business basic classes, the death of traditional affiliate marketing, and the path to 7 figures.

Module 2, talk about lead magnet (free gift), sales funnel (Selling process), recurring revenue, premium product, etc…

Module 3: Traffic generation: In this section, you will go through the definition of traffic,  free traffic, and paid traffic, there is so much value inside this exercise to be certified.

Module 4: Becoming your greatest Self: You will learn to face your fear in order to move forward in your business.

Module 5: Planning to Succeed: You will go through the path to 6 figures, define your why, and plan your success

Module 6:Your Business Plan: This section has two  topics and one of them is your one-year goal

Module 7: Momentum and Leverage: Module seven is the maximum leverage and how you’re going to leverage your business and graduation of course he’s just going to go over everything that he just went seen.

internet profits

Module 8: Graduation:  in module eight, you’ll take your quiz, don’t worry, it’s not like you’re back in high school, taking a quiz, and oh my god, those days were stressful. The internet profits quiz goes over what you have learned and there’s no failure only success.

Congratulation, you have just taken your certification to be part of internet profits.

Although, As the 8 modules lessons prepare you for the world of affiliate marketing,  it gives you also the right attitude and mindset to tackle your business.

What Next?

After you have completed all the lessons, you will be awarded a nice certificate as an official certify Partenaire,  and the STEP 2 window will be available that’s what I called Ali baba’s cave of affiliate marketing.

As a result, you will get so many choices to build your affiliate marketing empire. You can choose to learn free traffic generation to your offer or paid traffic generation.

Internet Profits and Traffic Course

In terms of traffic, there is Free traffic and Paid traffic.

Free traffic generation

Free traffic means you are going to bring traffic to your offer by paying with your time, That means you need to work hard like if you are working in a full-time job, Inside Internet Profits, you will get a lot of training on free traffic sources and how to use them. Quora and Forum marketing is only two of the packages.

Click here to learn more:

Facebook organic is also an example of free traffic generation.

Paid traffic means that you get traffic to your offer by using your money, but you need to learn it the right way otherwise you will end up losing a lot of money big time. On the same note, I still remember back in the day when I use to do google ads and bing ads yet, I was barely making one sale despite the amount of money I have invested.

Inside the Paid Traffic, you will gain access to high-quality training on how to do pay ads, my favourite one is Facebook ads training.

Iceberg Effect

I have recently started reviewing Dean holland’s Iceberg book review; it is a free book designed to give you clarity on your affiliate marketing business.

You can order your free book here: Iceberg Effect, just a little disclaimer, you will only take care of a small shipping fee to get the book sent to your place. You don’t know where to get started,

Click here to start crushing it online.

In addition to this, a new challenge program has been launched, called the   Quickstart ChallengeBecause there is time,  you feel like you don’t have the proper guidance, you feel like you are doubling in your affiliate marketing business by jumping from one product to another.

On top of that, there is no one to show you the right path to take. Well, you can take the Quick Start Challenge with Coaching.  On the same note, you can watch one of my latest videos on the quick start challenge.

Then,  you will get ready to launch your affiliate business in the next seven days with the most incredible training and affordable coaching opportunity you have ever seen.

Watch the  Quick Start Challenge with Coaching presentation here.

Internet Profits  Update

There will be some major updates in the internet profits accelerator program. for instance,

additional coaching, accountability,  and more products to promote will be available for partners.

Access the internet profits accelerator program and see if it is a good program for you.


In my opinion, we need to create a business where we can one day be our own boss. Therefore, by investing in a premium program,  you will learn fundamentals while earning.

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This has been my insane 2022 Internet Profits review and I hope that by reading this post you can appreciate all that has gone into the program into making sure that we come out successful.

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