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The following free book offers and others that may be featured in the near future on this page do not attract a cost except that you cover the shipping and handling cost attached to get it sent to your doorstep.

These free book offers are helpful to those involved in an online business and it is my pleasure to make them available for you to consider.


The Affiliate Marketers Playbook

( Perfect For Those New To Affiliate Marketing)

free book offer

Grab Your Copy Of The Affiliate Marketers Playbook


This is kind of where it all started. If you want to absolutely crush it when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, then you KNOW what you must do next.

The Iceberg Effect dives really deep to the heart of the problem the affiliate marketing industry is suffering today and provides the SOLUTION.

Get Your FREE COPY right now. All you cover is shipping & handling. 

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Facebook Ads Mastered

Facebook Ads Mastered

If it is one area within the Affiliate Marketing zone that drives marketers up a wall, it’s Facebook ads.

In this timely e-book however, I’ll share with you just how to go about creating the perfect ad that doesn’t get your account shut down and will generate the attention your ads campaign merits.

30 mn workbook

30 Minute A Day WorkBook

The 30 Minute a day Workbook was designed to show interested affiliate marketers and future interested business owners how they could start an online business and commit to working for at least 30 minutes per day to building that business out to be a successful one.



The third installment of Russell Brunson’s trilogy of Secrets books is his best ever and like the other two (2), I would encourage you to go get your hands on it. Russell holds nothing back n this highly anticipated sequel. But don’t take my word for it. Go grab it yourself.

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