How To Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook ?- New method

The main goal of the article is to help you promote your affiliate links on Facebook.

Definition of Facebook Organic Method

Facebook Organic is a content strategy method in which any entrepreneur like affiliate marketers promotes their affiliate links for free on Facebook.

The purpose of the strategy is to create a personal connection with potential customers by posting daily content that they will find interesting and engaging. Daily content includes engagement posts,  value posts,  and offer posts.

The process of making people contact you for help is also called attraction marketing.

One Thing to Know About  Affiliate Links and


although People are using Facebook as business media,  the social media platform main goal is to keep us inside Facebook. Therefore, by using our affiliate links everywhere on Facebook, we are taking people outside of Facebook and obviously, Facebook doesn’t like that.

The following section will teach you the easiest and safest way to promote  your business links on Facebook

How to Promote Affiliate Links on Your Facebook profile

There are so many ways to promote your affiliate links on your Facebook, especially on your Facebook profile. First of all, you need to warm up the Facebook algorithm by interacting with your friend’s post located on your newsfeed.

Then the next step is to finally write and release your Facebook post.

Even though you did a good job by releasing your post, your job is not done,  you need to reply to each comment that you will receive on your post. For example,  if you receive 20 comments on your Facebook post and you reply back, you have in total 40 comments.

Check out the example below from my own Facebook post with 24 engagements where I was using the new method to promote my business link. You can scan the QR code as practice.

How to Promote Affiliate Links on Your Facebook profile

How to Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook Using The  New Method

Although Facebook dislikes the use of affiliate links in the platform because it takes people out of Facebook, there are many ways to promote your business links.

One of the best methods is to add the link in the first comment and ask people to refer to the link in the first comment. Another alternative   is to wait a few days until the post  is not getting engagement then follow the step below:

  1. Edit the post
  2. add the link in the body of the post

 New Method to Promote your Affiliate Links on Facebook

The new method consists of simply using a picture in order to promote your affiliate links. I was kidding, but you are not far from the truth. The idea is to use a simple QR code then use it to promote your business links on Facebook.

You can watch my youtube video where I am breaking down the new method.

How to generate the QR code  for your Affiliate Links

There are so many methods to generate your QR code, you can go on Playstore if you own an android device or  AppStore if you own an Apple device.

From there you can quickly download your QR code generator and reader.

Another great way is to use Canva, or  you can access a QR code directly from our website here

QR code builder

Landing Page Benefit

There are many acronyms that we use in affiliate marketing and landing pages is one of them. It is also called op-tin pages or mini-websites. The landing pages have at least three advantages. For example:

  1. It allows breaking the ice between you and  your future  customer
  2. The landing page will  help you use your affiliate links safely
  3. It will  also help you build your  email list

It is important to note that at the beginning your audience is colled,  they do not know you, they don’t trust you, and they do not know your product.  Therefore a bridge page is an excellent idea to break the ice.

On top of that,  you can embed your QR code on your landing page so people can either opt-in in your email or scan the QR code to grab your link or links. The bottom line, the possibilities are limitless on the use of QR codes to promote your business either on Facebook or on forums like Quora.

Affiliate Marketing  Challenge

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing or lack tangible results, you can watch or join an affiliate marketing design to teach you the fundamental of affiliate marketing and getting results. You can start your challenge   here

I have some free books that you can assess here:  Free book

Other Alternative To Facebook To Promote Your Affiliate Links

Although Facebook is the most used social network for over 2 billion people plus, there are more people who use Facebook than those who do not. However, there are some issues with this social network especially when it comes to affiliate links because as highlighted before Facebook do not like when we take people out of the platform.

There is some alternative to Facebook like  Minds with 1.52 M of visits.

Similarweb review of

Mewe is also a good alternative to Facebook with 9.52 M visits according to similarweb

Similarweb review of


The beauty of all of this is that you can still use the QR code technic.


That’s all for now. You are ready to start promoting your affiliate links on Facebook, and I hope it will help you get tangible results.  Have questions? Shoot them onto me using the comments below.


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