Facebook engagement is what every marketer wants for his or her business, but unless you are following facebook’s guidelines, you’ve lost the race.

I have started this article in this way because I want you to view this as a competition of sorts. Yes, a competition. Why you might ask would I want to do that?

Well if I am correct and I believe that I am when I say this, you and any other marketer reading this article are in competition with each other.

You are using the platform of Facebook for the purpose of your marketing efforts and so that makes you and any other person on the same goal a competitor. Simple.

So the question for consideration then is how does one stand out from the crowd? How does one get and maintain the type of Facebook engagement that sets their business ahead of the pack?

That and many other factors I shall address in this article.



What Is Facebook Engagement?


facebook engagement


Facebook consists of several features such as newsfeed, timeline, Messenger, wall, events, likes, comments, reactions, groups, notifications, and others.

Users can create engagement as they use any of these features namely by the content they upload or post on the platform.

Since the platform is social in nature, practices like posting often and posting trendy content will attract attention and interaction from other users.

Attention must also be given to just who you want to see your content and thus engage with you. There are settings that Facebook employs for its users to determine their visibility.

You can have your setting placed on public (this is what most who are into marketing will use) or you can have it set on private. You can have only your friends see your content or even friends of friends.

The idea though that commonly obtains when it comes to Facebook engagement is that you post regularly and you post at key times when most people are on and using the platform.

Posts are often made in the following categories. Value, Survey, Lifestyle, and Results.

While what you decide to post and how often is left to each user individually, most who are marketing will use those categories I mentioned.


How Does Facebook Measure Engagement?


One question that might have popped into your mind is how does Facebook even know whether you are posting, how often, or even what you are posting? Well, here’s the answer.

The Facebook Algorithm. I couldn’t write this post without enlightening you on this very important tool of Facebook. If you ever wanted to know how to measure Facebook engagement, this is what they use.

This tool might even be viewed as a Facebook engagement rate calculator to some, but it does take time to get used to the algorithm and what you need to do to win its favor.

Some have even asked me if there is a Facebook engagement rate formula?

I would have to say that I don’t know that there is but the algorithm’s A.I. seems to know exactly what is going on as it relates to the platform.


facebook engagement


The algorithm looks at the way you interact with your friend’s posts and how you comment on their messages, and stories and as a result will show your content to them for their reciprocation.

So the proportion to how you engage is just what will come back to you as engagement on your content when it is shown to others. The more you engage, the more your content is seen.


So what is The Facebook Algorithm exactly anyway?


The social media platform called Facebook has an algorithm that determines what content to show you, based on who you are connected to, what you post, and what you comment on.

It is a very complex piece of software that determines what content appears in your News Feed.

If you want to increase the amount of content you see in your News Feed, make sure your friends’ actions and posts appear there.

Your friends’ actions, posts, comments, and likes affect what content appears in your News Feed. There are ways to improve your posts and content being seen.

We shall examine these strategies in the next section “How to increase Facebook engagement.”


How To Increase Your Facebook Engagement?


facebook engagement


Here are the 4 incredibly easy steps that you can use to increase your Facebook engagement plus bonus strategy.


  1. Since Facebook determines what content you see in your feed by who you’re connected to, what you post, and what you comment on, the first strategy I would offer is to determine who is actually active and interacting with your content on Facebook. The quantity of friends doesn’t always reflect the quality of interaction required.
  2. Post content regularly on the platform. It can be once daily, but the bottom line is to post frequently even if only once a day weekly.
  3. Pay attention to the time of day you post as there are key times during the day when engagement is known to be higher than other times.
  4. Post trendy content that you know your friends and followers will love and would be inclined to interact on. Upload videos to your feed or stories. They get more engagement than static posts.
  5. I said I’d mention 4 but here is the icing on top of the cake for you. Before you post warm up the algorithm. Engage in the practice of daily liking, loving, and commenting on the posts of your friends and followers for at least 30 minutes before you post your own content and then another 30 minutes after you post. Also, remember to engage in the stories which lead to further interaction on Messenger. This done daily along with the other steps will increase your engagement.


A Consistent Facebook Engagement Strategy Is A Must


facebook engagement post by Aziz


One thing you must be certainly aware of by now when it comes to Facebook engagement and any other business endeavor is that one must be consistent on the job.

As a new person on social media even on the Facebook platform, you must be posting daily at least in the beginning stages but don’t overdo it.

Develop a strategy and stick to it. He who fails to plan plans to fail. Remember that. Your strategy should determine a set routine for when you will post daily as in the time.

Attention should also be paid to answering the messages or comments on your posts in a timely manner as well. Delays could cause Facebook to view it as unimportant.

I would suggest spending at least 1-2 hours a day on Facebook for your engagement activities.

With a sure strategy in place, Facebook engagement is almost a guaranteed result.

Here’s the video I created on just this topic of Facebook engagement. Watch and enjoy.



In fact, when it came to my education on all things relating to Facebook engagement and even learning Facebook organic marketing, this one course here I will mention has served me very well.

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With A Content Strategy In Place, Facebook Engagement Can Be Successful


facebook engagement


As I look to wrap up this post, I do want to point out something that you may not be aware of when it comes to Facebook engagement or even Facebook page engagement.

While the algorithm does not actually check your posts, it does take note of who’s engaging on your posts.

What it does also is to look at how well people are liking / or loving it and even engaging with the post. This tells Facebook whether the content is at all relevant or even worthy to be shown to others.

The Facebook algorithm is a set of rules and techniques that Facebook uses to determine what posts are seen by whom on its platform.

It is designed to give you a more personalized experience on Facebook. It is also one of the biggest factors in determining your success as a marketer.


facebook engagement


You may be surprised to learn that the Facebook algorithm is not based on what content you post. Instead, it’s based on a number of factors that determine what content people see.

These include: How often you post. Your audience’s demographics.

Whether you’re active in a group or community. How many other people are interacting with your posts? And the list goes on.

There are a lot of ways you can be increasing Facebook engagement to get more followers. We have looked at some of them before but I’ll share four (4) more with you.

So here are those 4 bonus steps.


  1. Have a strong call to action. Make it clear what you want your customers to do. This is the first step in making sure that people are getting your message.
  2. Tell them what they’re missing out on.
  3. Give them something of value.
  4. Be consistent. Facebook is a great tool for connecting with customers, but there are many ways to use it effectively.
  5. Test and test again. It is all about the user experience.


So as I conclude I do hope that with this knowledge you can now appreciate how Facebook can work in your favor once you understand the platform and use it accordingly.

All of the above will help with your Facebook engagement metrics.

Before you go, I urge you to strongly consider my fully detailed deep-dive of a course that teaches all things related to understanding Facebook Engagement.

This course will set you way ahead of the pack and will explode your sales on Facebook when you implement what you learn. You can learn more about the course here. 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you again really soon. Don’t forget to comment and leave your biggest takeaway from this post.

Thank You.

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