A free landing page when constructed correctly can be a work of art. It takes into consideration the fact that it must be stylish, attractive, intriguing and must give persons seeing a reason to want to click it for some anticipated surprise.

Free landing pages are actually offered by many of the current email marketing platforms across the web these days as everyone is getting in on the game.

No one and I must emphasize no one is looking to be left out.

So in this article, I will be looking at how one would go about creating a landing page and how you can make the most of your newly built investment.

A landing page is an important part of your online marketing campaign. It is the page that your visitors see when they click on your ad.

The aim of a landing page is to creatively entice your visitors to take action, such as subscribing to your email list or buying your product.

It is also known as a squeeze page, a capture page, or an opt-in page. All sounding different but meaning the same thing.

In this post, I am going to share with you how you can create your unique landing page in just a few simple steps.


Let’s First Consider What a Free Landing Page Is & Why Would We Need One?


Every relationship has to start somewhere and I want us to consider for a moment that our free landing page is the middle man or the hookup between us and our date.

So let’s get the scene structured in our minds.

What is the goal of the landing page? The goal of the landing page is to present an offer framed in a cloud of mystery but intriguing enough to excite us to want to learn more.

Similarly enough the goal of the marketer is to use the free landing page as a bridge connecting himself with someone on the other side who needs what he has to offer just as he needs their email address to send it to them.

So the landing page is really an instrument facilitating the exchange of contact information between two parties resulting in a mutually satisfying alliance going forward. I hope that’s clear.

The landing page has only one task for the visitor to do. Therefore it is important to eliminate distractions and go straight to the point. People will give you their email address in exchange for free valuable information as highlighted earlier.

In technical terms, the opt-in page will allow you to convert the traffic you generate through it as your own with the option to nurture and build a lasting meaningful bond with those subscribers.

One cannot have a free landing page without a free lead magnet to go along with it.

After all, since you are looking to entice your new lead to share their valuable contact information with them, then you will need to have something equally enticing to give them, were they to part with their name and email address.


free landing page


So you can see just how a free landing page works in conjunction with a specifically tailored and targeted lead magnet. It’s a one-two power punch.

So we need landing pages to gather the information of the leads we seek to entice through our lead magnet offers.

Your lead magnets should also feature a teaser to lure your visitor to your main offer without giving everything away.

The landing page uses copy to draw the lead and being sold on what he reads, he submits his name and email address in exchange for further information on the proposed offer you are baiting him with.


What Do We Then Need To Create Our First Free Landing Page? 


free landing page


Let’s take a brief look at the components required when it comes to creating a masterpiece of a landing page. As seen in the photo above, the artist or sculptor is shaping a bust.

But that won’t be all when it comes to this piece of artwork. The finished sculpting is one thing. We also consider the audience we are seeking to attract to come to view it.

Ultimately the artist may be looking to sell the bust, so we must also determine what is so special about his artwork that would make others want to get their hands on it.

Now when it comes to landing pages, there are several platforms on the market that provide landing page builders.

Just ask any affiliate marketer and they will be happy to share their opinion or read this article for some pointers.

Most email service providers these days will cater as all-in-one platforms with a view to keeping all the potential business to themselves.

Now each platform will have its unique angle about it for why it will appeal to one consumer or another. You have to decide based on your goals which platform you are likely to select and why.

Here are the components required for the free landing page


  • Landing Page Builder.
  • Autoresponder
  • Lead Magnet
  • E-Mail Follow Up Sequence
  • Funnel Sequence


So that’s as far as the landing page automation goes and all that accompanies it. There are still other features we shall need to make mention of to give the complete and overall picture.

Aweber is one of the most well-known platforms when it comes to landing page builders, lead magnet sign-up forms, and even autoresponders.

Another free landing page builder is that of ConvertKit.

There are many others but one does stand out for me and for obvious reasons. I will share which one it is in a minute but allow me to build a case for my determination.

It is honestly really hard to choose which landing page builder to go with as all have great potential but when it comes to cost and then the individual features and what it will set you back monthly can make a difference in the end.

You do not only want a good solid piece of software, but you also want one that will last and ultimately deliver over and over again,

I have put together a video training that will show you how to create an awesome landing page in 2022 using just a few simple steps. The platform I will use is Systeme.io

But you can feel free to use whichever you like.

By the time however that you get to see the ease with which the Systeme platform works, you will be converted.


The First Step In Your Free Landing Page: The Lead Magnet 


I have listed the lead magnet as the first item of consideration for your landing page and for good reason. The lead magnet is the prerequisite to your offer and is of utmost importance,

Without it or even a good solid lead magnet, even the best landing page will not make it.

So the lead magnet and the page that carries it must go together like peas and rice.

Now the type of lead magnet you offer will determine the style landing page you use.

Usually, the landing page is connected to an autoresponder service. Basically, once you received people’s emails It goes to a database linked to your autoresponder.

Your prospect will receive some follow-up email sequence sent automatically. The free valuable information can be the following:

  • An Ebook
  • A Free Video training
  • A Case Study
  • A Cheat Sheet Strategy
  • A Mastermind

Or any information that can be of great value for your dream customer.

What’s Next In Your Free Landing Page Setup?


It is important to note that while there are so many options available when it comes to building out a landing page, it will come down to what bullet points you want to list about the offer you want to promote.

The landing page has to be filled with essential pertinent information yet it cannot be too overwhelming either. It should also be noted here that a landing page could very well just be something looking like this.


free landing page

If you look carefully at the above image what is it all about? It’s a landing page. It is rather simple in appearance but gets straight to the point. In other words, it cuts to the chase.

The mission of the landing page is to bring your audience to a place where they can begin getting answers to solve their problems.  To do this the objective must be clear.

The goal or mission is How to make money blogging? The answer comes by way of a free ebook. All one has to do is read the bullet points detailing what they will learn from the book.

A bonus has even been included. Next to get the book they must click the yellow button with the message “Send me the book.”

With this type of lander, all of the relevant information is present that would lead a prospect to take action. When the yellow button is clicked, a popup opens with a form to place your name and email address.

This is the exchange. Your contact information for the solution to the problem.

Now let me break down the other parts that you might not be aware of.


The Free Landing Page Sequence & How You Can Acquire Yours 


When setting up your free landing page, the page builder is what you need first of all. You select the template that best fits your project. Next, you determine the lead magnet you will use.

In the example above, the ebook was displayed giving a visual representation of it. In some examples, however, you might not see the ebook although mention is made of it.

Next, you would want to have an email sequence in place. Why? Well, think about it. You are about to help someone solve a problem, but it is highly unlikely that you will manage to get the whole matter resolved in one quick go.

So you will need to follow up and have further collaboration between yourself and your audience as to their needs and how best to solve their other problems coming out of this initial encounter.

So we have a Landing page, lead magnet, autoresponder to house the subscribers being added to your list through the setup and your email follow-up as you further engage your prospects.

Thankfully there is a platform available now with which you can easily build great landing pages.  That platform is none other than Systeme.

Systeme is the place to acquire the software you need to build your free landing page among other things and it is reliably inexpensive even when a fee is involved.

I have created a video just for you on how to build your free landing page. Let’s check it out.



When you see just how powerful this Systeme free landing page builder is, you will want to have your own. Of that I am sure. Just click here to signup and experience Systeme all for yourself.




As you navigate your online journey with the goal of creating that big breakthrough towards a thriving and successful digital business, you will be met with challenges.

However, the challenges no matter how many they are or how frequently they appear, can all be overcome. The goal is to stick to your objective.

Let nothing distract you from the prize. The internet is full of flashy objects and there is a multitude of tools that can perform similar tasks. What makes the difference really is you.

The goal for most people is to find the easiest route towards the solution they seek for the problem they are encountering. Achieve that and You’re on your way.

I came across one more piece of content that I believe helps place even more emphasis on the topic of consideration.

We have been looking at the free landing page and how to build one. We also ought to consider why we need them in the first place. This article will help.

Should you ever require any further guidance or assistance in your online journey, do not hesitate to ask. I’m here for you.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back again soon.


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