When it comes to affiliate marketing and the industry as a whole no other insight found on the topic surpasses what readers are treated to with the iceberg effect book by Dean Holland.

Filled with iceberg effect psychology, the book takes a deep dive into the mechanics of affiliate marketing, and why it is that so many venturing into using this business model fail to achieve the success sought.

The foreword to Iceberg Effect is written by none other than the legendary Russell Brunson. You’ll get to hear from Russell himself in a video later on in this article.

In addition to going through some of the key points of this book and why you need to strongly consider this information, it may be necessary to learn a bit about the man behind the book, Dean Holland, and why he wrote the Iceberg Effect.





dean holland iceberg effect

1. Success Starts Within ( Mindset )

When it comes to success, it must be pointed out that it starts within.

It all begins in the mind. When you can see in your mind that which you desire and determine that it will be yours, then your attitude decides your altitude.

But while having the right mindset goes a long way toward one’s eventual goal, there are still more components required for the overall plan of success to be had.

Most people will allow the influence of others to shape their values, ideas, and life choices.


This is not a healthy practice as it sets one up to be a follower and not become a leader. Now we can’t all be leaders, but at least some of us could be innovators.

But you get my point. We have to learn to trust and believe in ourselves and with that established mindset then step out in faith and make it happen.

Nine times out of ten, we will encounter success. The one time we don’t will be because we haven’t taken any action.

Success begins with having the right mindset to manifest what you want to occur in your life and thus moving forward to bring that reality to pass.

2. Of Course Having Your “WHY” Is Important


iceberg effect


This is a very important step. It becomes necessary so that you do not abandon your journey. In other words, you must have a purpose strong enough to keep you fixed to your objective.

In this way, when the going gets tough, you would not be the one going. Instead, you would have had the resolve to stick to the task no matter how uncomfortable things get.


3. Are You Prepared To Leave Your Comfort Zone?


So I mentioned not too long ago about being uncomfortable. The truth is most people today live in a world of instant gratification.

They are used to being very comfortable, even settled in their ways. They are unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary or even to take action.

Whether taking action means taking imperfect steps or the like, it is necessary to do something. You can’t rollercoaster your way to the top. It takes effort and determined hard work.

But it is worth it in the end.iceberg effect Always remember that nothing and I do mean nothing ever grows in the comfort zone.

It is now that you will need to take some serious action and turn your life around.

So as you may have noticed, first, we need to have our minds realigned.

It is necessary to have an object of focus that keeps you riveted toward achieving your goals.


And as you complete this cycle by taking the action required which involves leaving what you might have been accustomed to, things begin to fall into place as your new life takes shape.

This is essentially what the Iceberg Effect teaches. Many people are coming to the Internet in search of ways and or means to create an online income.

This is so because of the fallout from the pandemic. The book teaches how to go about starting a profitable online business from the comfort of your home.

Here is another article that also speaks to how to start an online business. This includes the steps we have covered so far under sections 1,2, & 3. But there is more.

Many have been fooled into thinking that starting an online business is easy and that making money online is just as easy as it sounds.

But is this the real truth of the matter? No, it most certainly is not. Like an iceberg, while there is plenty to occupy you above sea level, there is even more happening below the water’s surface.

Iceberg effect author Dean Holland explains that in order for anyone to have the level of success they are looking for, they must be following the 4 core steps that must be undertaken.

These four core areas follow a simple laid out a plan of action that is designed to help you get results because this is the same blueprint that Holland himself follows.

Like a typical iceberg, we cannot see the behind-the-scenes as it were or under the water. And this is where people are fooled into thinking that affiliate marketing is so easy when it is not.

This doesn’t mean you cannot be successful with it. But you ought to know that…


4. Affiliate Marketing As We Know It Is Dead…So Then What?

Why traditional affiliate marketing does not work?

This is why we have to change not only the way we think about the business model; We must also create within the business model a process from which we can expect to win.

This new concept is exactly what is taught in using the 4 core areas of focus. So this is how it goes. We must have the following infrastructure in place.


  •  Targeted Traffic
  •  Email List Building
  •  Follow Up
  •  Sales System


The Iceberg Effect, therefore, highlights the true struggles being experienced in affiliate marketing, why it is happening, and what can be done to correct this worrying trend.

It teaches entrepreneurs how to establish and maintain a digital presence online from scratch. Nothing is left to chance or guesswork when it comes to the information presented in the book.


iceberg effect


As Iceberg Effect teaches, traditional affiliate marketing is dead. This is why so many people start out but never go far enough to see it through, they get frustrated and quit.

In this sense, we accept that the traditional model of affiliate marketing is over. Dead. May it rest in peace.

In order then to learn what method is actually working, we turn to the book iceberg effect with the training and video tutorials on what must obtain in order for success to be achieved.

With that being said, here is what I know and have also come to realize. So is affiliate marketing really dead? No, but let’s read another perspective. In fact, let me be clear as to…


5. What Is The Iceberg Effect & Who It Is For


1. The Iceberg Effect is a tangible book that is also available in an audible form that expressly teaches the reader all about affiliate marketing, the ups and downs of the business model, and how to successfully navigate it to build a thriving online business.

2. The Iceberg Effect is a training portal that both wets the appetite of those wanting to build a digital business by teaching the steps to do so and helps create the mindset shift required for success.

3. The Iceberg Effect teaches that there are two main parts to any online business. A front end and a back end. The front end is the entry portal to the business where potential leads are given a sample often free, to come to take a look at the offer being presented.

A classic example of this would be this same offer. A free book teaching the basics of affiliate marketing and why so many fail and how to overcome that issue.

This offer known as the front end paves the way for more value to follow via email and video to lead the prospects towards taking up the backend or more expensive offer later.

4. The process goes a step further as it introduces a unique sales system that only a select few other companies do ever offer.

A Unique system you can look at here to get a fuller and better understanding.

So this is of course not all there is to the Iceberg Effect but it is sufficient in my opinion to show you that with the right attitude and determination, you could become a full-time affiliate marketer making thousands of dollars each and every month.

All that I have attempted to do here without giving it all away is to give you a taste of what you can expect should you desire to come to take the journey with me.


iceberg effect


This book is ideal for new people coming into the online space, to help them get started online and make life-changing income to be able to quit their jobs.

Affiliate marketing has a great deal to offer, but can only become rewarding when you are serious about your future stability and that of your family and so take the steps needful to produce the results that equate to your being a success in the making money online niche.

With what is taught in the Iceberg Effect, simply accept my offer today of the Free Book and you can be on your way to creating success as a digital marketer using the affiliate marketing business model.

All you have to do is enter your name and email in the form provided along with your billing information and address for delivery.

The book is indeed free, but you are asked to cover shipping and handling which is not much more than about $7 to $8 dollars.

Learn the secrets the gurus are not telling you about affiliate marketing and achieve the success eluding so many others by taking action today and getting your hands on this priceless information.

Listen to what the co-founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson has to say about the Iceberg Effect & Dean Holland.





In my humble opinion, affiliate marketing is far from dead, but only if you pursue the methods of conducting your affiliate marketing business using the unique model as described in the iceberg effect.

Grab the book today and let me hear your thoughts based on what you read. This book will be your best investment in yourself ever. Don’t delay.


The Iceberg effect book


As a way of giving you even more value, I have also included here a video review of the Iceberg Effect which I am sure you’ll find richly rewarding as well, done by Di Donaldson.

I love how Di breaks it down and also in sharing her 3 takeaways you’ll see that it is a plus to have this book in your arsenal of affiliate marketing tools.

Get Your Copy Today!

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